"I've been quite fortunate to have had some of the greatest golf instructors in the world during my career including world renowned instructors John Jacobs and Paul Runyan. I now put Stacy in the same league as the other great golf instructors that I have worked with."

Jim Urban - Former PGA Tour Player, Illinois PGA Player of The Year


Jim Urban- Former PGA Tour Player, Former Illinois PGA Player of the Year, and PGA Professional

My name is Jim Urban. I’m a life member of the PGA of America, and I’ve been teaching our sport for close to forty years and I played on the PGA Tour. I’ve been quite fortunate to have had some of the greatest golf instructors during my career including a former Ryder Cup captain and world renowned instructor John Jacobs, Paul Runyan former PGA champion and a wizard with the short game, and Tom Weiskopf’s instructor, Bob Keplar. During a recent practice session at our range in Plano, Texas, I was struggling with my swing and Stacy Mapel came over to say hello and asked me how things were going. I told him that my last full swing lesson was 30 years ago from John Jacobs but I would appreciate his help in both my full swing and my putting. As a teaching professional myself, I realize that a second set of eyes and another professional’s view is an extremely valuable asset. I received very specific instruction from Stacy and both parts of my game have improved immeasurably. I appreciate his help and wisdom and I now put Stacy in the same league as the other great golf instructors that I have worked with. Stacy possesses great teaching ability for any and all players.

Michael Upp – Former player on McLennan Community College’s Golf Team- Waco, TX

As a former top ten player in Texas 4A high school golf and former collegiate golfer, I understand the importance of trusting your abilities on the golf course. Before I began working with Stacy, I was in a slump and had lost trust in my game. One day during a poor practice session, I approached Stacy and asked if he had time to look at my golf swing. Within an hour of working with him, I was able to see improvement. From that point forward, the amount of trust I have in my golf game has increased with each session I have had with Stacy. Although I’ve had the opportunity of working with some well known golf instructors in the past, Stacy’s knowledge of both the golf swing and putting stroke has instilled a consistent trust and confidence in my game I wouldn’t have otherwise.


Don McCallum – Bedford, Texas

I have known Stacy for 16 years, and I have been one of his students’ for 14 of those years. While under Stacy’s instruction, taking things one step at a time, I have gotten my handicap down to a 7. Stacy focuses on fundamentals and does not fill your head with too many thoughts at once. Since I started taking lessons from Stacy I have shot one round of even par (72), and I have matched my age (74), not to mention 2 holes in one. Since he has sent me the swing analysis video critiquing my last lesson, I have watched it five times, and it is absolutely fabulous. I have learned something new each time I have watched it, and have taken notes on the points that he told me to work on. The video has proved to be helpful in my warm-up, practice, and game situations. No doubt about it, the video feedback is a winner!



Ryan Siddique – Former #1 player on University of Texas at Dallas Golf Team – Plano,Tx.

I started working with Stacy when I was 17 years old. After high school I was a walk-on at the University of Texas at Dallas golf team. I played in my first ever N.C.A.A tournament at the The John Bohmann Memorial Tournament in Saledo, Texas, and won Medalist honors, with rounds of 67-69=136. I recently shot 70 (-2) under par at Holly Tree C.C. in Tyler, Texas to finish tied for the final alternate spot in the Texas State Open. I know with Stacy’s help I will continue to reach my goal of making a living playing professional golf. I highly recommend him!



Charles Pantangco – Former Division 1 Collegiate Player at Jackson State, and #1/#2 Player on University of Texas at Dallas Golf Team – Addison, Texas

When I started with Stacy I was a college golfer with a golf swing that was effective 70% of the time and a mental game that was weaker than weak. I would shoot 74 on a good day and 85 on a bad day. My misses were off the charts and my swing would not hold up under the pressure in final rounds of college tournaments. Working with Stacy helped me to improve in every aspect of my game. Three months into working with Stacy I shot the lowest two day tournament total of my career of 72-71= 143, to finish Runner-up at the Hendrix College Spring Classic in Danville, Arkansas. I can honestly say that working with Stacy has not only improved my game on the course but his mental approach in my game has helped me off the course as well. He will go the extra mile and take time out of his day to help you improve as a player. He is truly passionate about what he does and it shows in his instruction.


Michael Moore – PGA Professional and Former Florida Mini-Tour Player

After being in the golf business for most of my life, I have found that the word professional in a golf professional’s name has far too often been misrepresented. One time where this is not true is when the the title is behind Stacy Mapel’s name. The title PGA behind Stacy’s name is well represented. His undying love of the game and complete dedication to assisting all players to becoming better is a testimony to his dedication. From beginners to fellow golf professionals, he gives his all to improve their game mentally and physically. It’s having friends and fellow professionals like Stacy that makes me proud to be in the golf business.



Mrs. Myra Savage – Grapevine, TX

Before I started working with Stacy I was consistently shooting anywhere between 120-130 every time I went to play. After about our 6th lesson together, I played Chester W. Ditto Golf Course in Arlington, Texas and shot an 85, and I didn’t even take a MULLIGAN! The thing I like most is he keeps it simple which makes it easy for me to learn. The teaching aids that he used with me during my lessons are very effective, and I found them easy to use at home, especially in practicing my takeaway. I consistently shoot in the high 80’s now.


Mike Ray – Ft. Worth, TX

I hope none of you ever get to shanking the ball one of the worst things that can happen to a golfer. I love to play golf and play twice a week, but I had developed such a severe case of the shanks I considered buying a bass boat. I went from a golfer that shot 80 or below to one that couldn’t even finish a round. I had seen two different pros previously with no results. I contacted Stacy and he said I can, and I will help you. After two sessions he has turned me around and I can now go out on the course and not worry about killing someone. The first session I bet I shanked 20 shots in a row and not once did Stacy loose his patience with me. He just kept after me and got me back to the basics that I had forgotten to do. In other words he showed me how to hit a golf ball again. You could not ask for a nicer or more professional instructor. When I told my wife I was hitting the ball straight again she said: “Thank God for Stacy Mapel I am tired of hearing about your shank, what ever that is”.



Doug Boston – Colleyville, TX

The golf instruction I have received from golf pro, Stacy Mapel, has been a very enjoyable experience. He is thorough and precise in the procedures and techniques, he offers without making you feel rushed in any way. He will not move on to another item of instruction until he is satisfied that you have grasped what you have learned and are comfortable with it, and can perform it with a reasonable degree of consistency. He has definitely helped me to strike the ball better, and I feel more relaxed doing it.



Jack Strawther – Bedford, TX

After being an occasional golfer for years, I decided it was time to learn to play the game at an acceptable level. I was leading the frustrating life of a duffer and I was not seeing improvement even though I was hitting buckets at the driving range several times a week. It was at this point that I contacted Stacy Mapel. From the first lesson it was very evident that Stacy understood the mechanics of the body, stance, and swing and he was a teacher at heart. My overall consistency improved immediately. The mental aspect was huge as well. I now know that when I practice, the practice is beneficial because I am developing the correct muscle memory. I cannot over emphasize the positive mental aspect of knowing that my practice is now not a wasted effort. Do I occasionally drift back into some bad habits? Yes, but Stacy is great at tune-ups and quickly gets me back on track. I am a big fan of Stacy both as a teacher and a person.



Blake Clevenger – Middle School Minister, Highland Meadows Christian Church

Meeting Stacy has been the best thing to happen too my golf game. I met him accidentally at the golf range a little over a year ago. Within 10 minutes of working with Stacy, he had significantly reduced my slice, and my distance and trajectory had improved. When I met Stacy I was shooting in the high 90’s. I had always desired to get better, but I didn’t understand what a true golf swing looked like, or felt like, or how to improve my shots. After taking a series of lessons with Stacy I learned practical ways to improve my game. I developed an understanding of what a good golf shot should look and feel like. Instead of going to the range “hoping” to fix my swing and hit better shots, I could go to the range to strategically practice something to help improve my game. With a few lessons I was able to strike the ball with confidence and consistency. After a few months I was shooting in the 80’s, and even had one round in the 70’s.



Kim E. Luce – North Richland Hills, TX

Having played golf for 30 years I was lucky to be introduced to Stacy Mapel, as I wanted to improve my golf swing. After just 3 months I had improved my ball striking significantly. His professional teaching methods helped me with all aspects of the golf swing in an easy to understand philosophy. Instead of beating buckets of balls at a driving range and hoping for quick cures and fixes, after a few lessons from Stacy he improved my golf swing tremendously. I have improved my handicap by 8 strokes, and now have the confidence in my golf swing that I never had before. Stacy is a true professional, as a person, and as a P.G.A. licensed golf instructor.



Greg Hughes – Irving, TX

When I took my first lesson with Stacy, I had been playing golf for a year and a half, and had a push slice that I could not get rid of. I had taken lessons before from an indoor facility, quite religiously, but was getting nowhere. Within the first lesson Stacy recognized the flaws and by the end of that first lesson I hit the ball straight for the first time. I’ve continued my lessons with Stacy and my swing keeps getting better. I’ve had people on the range ask me how long I’ve been playing for, and when I tell them they can’t quite believe it. I’ve had comments like “wow you’re way ahead of the game for the amount of time you’ve been playing”. Recently at a local golf course I had a foursome ask if they could watch me tee off as they wanted to watch a proper golf swing. I attribute this to the time I’ve put in having lessons with Stacy. Do I still have off days on the range or at the course? Of course I do. But Stacy has taught me fundamentals that I use to recognize when I’ve changed something about my swing, and now I have the ability to self-correct. If you are serious about getting better at golf, then I highly recommend giving Stacy a call, because I can tell you that he will be serious about helping you.